The Monthly Updates Plan offers the opportunity to grow your website overtime. We’ll take care of your website every month which could include picture updates, content updates, google analytics, plugins and application setups and much more. Allow Evolution to build and maintain your site over time and overall help your business have a great web presence. The Monthly Updates Plan starts at only $50.00 + HST a month.



The One Time Setup Plan is for the person who knows exactly what they want in there website. We’ll give you a timeline as to how long your website will take to setup. The One Time Setup Plan allows you to have a fully functional website that you can take care of when its finished or we can!. This plan is setup with our hourly rate of $50.00 an hour, we give every potential client an estimated time as to how long the site will take to build.



Evolution Web Managment is always looking to give back in anyway we can. We do offer sponsorship websites for non-profiting organizations and charity events. Please feel free to contact us to see if your orginazation qualifies for the Sponsor Plan